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SunShark Media

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New Year, New Services

A broader scope of services so your business can attain the pro look without breaking the budget.

social media design and consulting services

Here's what we know:

  • Social media for business is POWERFUL. 
  • A full suite of social media management services would be magnificent, but may be tough for small businesses and start-ups to afford
  • We now present our solution.

Custom Design & Consulting Packages

All businesses are not made equal. Some are growing. Some just started. Some are in the "slow season". Some have budget constraints due to the purchase of new equipment or expanded locations. We get it! 

Our Custom Design and Consulting Packages are the answer to this:

  • We design the content, brand it accordingly, and send it to you to schedule and post as you see fit.
  • Image design can be for: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or LinkedIn
  • You tell us the number of images you need and what your immediate promotional needs are (upcoming events, new real estate listings, etc) and we'll make everything look professional and stunning for you.
  • This can include stock video and Ad campaign designs - again, let us know what you need!
  • A one-time payment for your custom package is IT. No contracts or long-term commitment. Call (or text or email) us when you need us. It's an on-demand system - can it get any better? (Warning: Our creative elves DO need time to work, but we'll get designs to you as quickly as possible)
  • Consulting is available but NOT required in your package. We understand that some people know the best ways to schedule/post content to get results and some people don't. Let us know what your needs are and we'll make it work.
  • Clients do not need to be located nearby for consulting services. Technology is a beautiful thing. We can Skype anywhere! 

Are you as excited as we are!? Contact us here if we can help you transform your social presence to something eye-catching and traffic driving. 


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