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What Your Business is Missing Online: Facebook Profiles vs. Facebook Business Pages

Missing the boat on social media?

The difference between Facebook profiles and Facebook pages for your business

Beth here on the blog today! You'll see quickly in this post that I'm pretty passionate about this particular topic - mostly because I know exactly what businesses are missing out on by using a profile for their business instead of the page. That said, I know all the arguments in favor, too...but there's really only two:

1) People know how to use Facebook profiles, because they're using them for their personal life.

2) You can actively request that people follow/ "friend" you. 

Ok. That's two. Are you prepared for the breakdown of the positives of using a Facebook business page instead? 

What your Business is Missing Online: Facebook Profiles vs Facebook Pages:

The top 4:


With a profile, unless you're spending hours a week sifting through your "friends" lists, jotting down demographics, and sorting through the statistics yourself, you have no idea whether you're online fans are mostly male, mostly female, what age range they're in, etc. This is POWERFUL information to have, especially when you start running ads for sales, page likes, website conversions, and more. 


...which brings us to our next HUGE downfall to Facebook profiles. You can't run ads from Facebook profiles. If you haven't spent any time on the Facebook ads platform, you don't know:

Facebook ads are cheap. As an example, we once boosted a post for a client for $5 and reached nearly 8,000 people. What are you paying for that billboard again? 

Facebook ads can been incredibly targeted. We're currently running an ad for a company in the United States. The hitch? We're running it to those employed by the Army....in Australia. We did our research and we know what pages and products that demographic is likely to follow and added those as part of our targeting strategy. Click throughs to the product page on the website are less than 20 cents and the conversions are great. 

Facebook ads can now be automatically run to Instagram. ..if your settings and image size are correct. Depending on your industry and the nature of your business, you could be missing a BIG boat with lack of an Instagram presence, but we'll get into that later (contact us here if you'd like to know if Instagram would be worth it for your business.)

Retargeting. You know how sometimes you feel like the internet is stalking you? When you search for that pair of boots on Amazon and suddenly they're all over your sidebar on Facebook and in your news feed? It's not an accident. These websites use Facebook pixels to track the websites you've visited and what products you've shopped....and then they target ads to you. Guess what? Other than setting up the ad properly on the front end, there isn't any additional work required by an operator on the back end to send those ads out. 


 Oh, hello free exposure. If you have a physical business and have entered your physical address on your Facebook page, you can encourage your customers and clients to check in when they visit your shop. This notification goes to all of their friends and spurs side conversations "Oh! What did you think of that place?" "I've been meaning to stop by there." "I want to see what you bought." "Do they have______?"   And you didn't spend a dime for that exposure. Proper social media use is word of mouth advertising on steroids. 


Streamlined Facebook Use

 We've got to think it's difficult to manage when you're logging in and out of Facebook all the time to manage your personal profile and then to post on your business profile. With a Facebook page, you maintain the privacy of your personal profile, but can easily switch over to post on your business page. 


These are just the headlines. There are many multitudes of benefits to using a Facebook page for your business - not the least of which is a more professional appearance. If you need assistance getting your business up and running properly on Facebook, please contact us for a free consultation. We have options ranging from "I want to keep total control over my presence" all the way to "I know this is necessary, but I don't have time to figure out how to do it properly....and honestly, don't want to." 

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